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Bo Bartlett-
Wes Christensen-
Vincent Desiderio-
Edgar Payne -
Mary Parker-
Richard Shmidt -
Ralph Barksdale -
Jeremy Lipking -
William Whitaker -
Robert Barrett -
Peter Sakevich -
McGarren Flack -
Matt Smith -
Carolyn Anderson -
Scott Burdick -
Morgan Weistling -
Joel Carroll -
Jeffrey Hein -
Don Seegmiller -
Daniel Murri,
Justin Taylor -
Justin Hayward -
Molly Williams -
John Berry -
Emily Dyches -
Sanford Greene -
Mike's Pencil -
Dave Devrie's Monster Engine -
J. Kirk Richards -
Zachary Baldus -
Daniel Graves -
Adrian Gottlieb -
Bonnie Posselli -
David Kassen -
Bill Mather -
Burton Silverman -
Kroll Roberts -
Michael Dudash -
Michel Gagne -
Douglas Flynt -
Molly Schmid -
Kevin Macpherson -

Other art related websites

Laguna College of Art and Design -
Art Renewal Center-
Figure Drawings -
Plein Air Painters of America -
A Stroke of Genius Portait Society -
Plein Air Painters of Utah -
Society of Illustrators -
Society of Figurative Arts -
Concept Art Forum -


These are books that I have that I like to refer to, some more than others. Some I don't own yet but have read them and recommend them to others.
Alla Prima - Richard Schmid
Richard Schmid Paints the Figure - Richard Schmid
Composition in Outdoor Painting - Edgar Payne
Oil Painting Techniques and Materials - Harold Speed
The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques - Ralph Mayer
Creative Illustration - Andrew Loomis
Figure Drawing - Andrew Loomis
My Adventures as an Illustrator - Norman Rockwell
Rockwell on Rockwell - Norman Rockwell
Sight & Insight - Burt Silverman
An Artist Teaches - David Laffel
An Approach to Figure Painting - Howard Forsberg
Dean Cornwell, Dean of Illustrators - Patricia Broder


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